The Butterfly project – a mental health project

‘It all begins and ends in your MIND What you give power to- has power over you’

About the project

“Yes I Can Foundation” in association with “We For You Charitable Trust” launched mental health project for underprivileged children ‘The Butterfly Project’.

This project aims at providing mental health services to children, parents and teachers related to behavioural, emotional and academic aspects of children.

The Project begin in Dec 2017. It catered to children with parents from a school in Dadar, Mumbai and included teachers from “We For You Charitable Trust” undertaking supportive teaching for these children.

About the process

Through in-house counsellor from “Yes I Can foundation” a series of sessions were undertaken for children, their parents and teachers along with personal counselling and intervention planning.

Some of the important topics covered for children were:

Sexuality awareness Leadership skills Understanding emotions

For teachers and parents Psycho educational sessions were arranged on:

Hyperactivity and remedies Introduction to psychological therapies Psychology of your children

About the Impact

This phase of project lead to awareness among children, parents and teachers about different aspects of mental health and how to recognize warning signs and acting upon it without stigma.

This also guided teachers on recognizing behaviour of children in classroom situation and addressing it in effective ways.

To watch video on this project: